Your session
Kids Portraits

I want your session to be as fun and relaxed as possible for you and your family so that we can create those beautiful natural portraits.


Just before we get started there are a few things you will need to consider to make sure my time is spent on you and not the preparation.  If the session is at your home, please make sure the brightest room in your house is clutter free and looking at its best as if you were having guests over.


Clothing is important and I would recommend muted colours rather than brights or black. Avoid too many patterns and any logos. I want to create a timeless piece for you so simple is best and of course barefoot when possible.  If on location, please wear layers so that we can vary the shots. Jackets, coats and woolly scarves and hats make interesting textures for winter shoots.


The best time to capture your newborn is at two weeks old, free from baby spots and when they are just fed and feeling sleepy. Please make sure your room is warm as newborns will be in their birthday suits for the shoot.  Any textured blankets, knitted shawls or hats in white or cream would be ideal.


For crawlers and young children, a favourite cuddly toy is a great prop as are hats, parasols and ballerina skirts.


If you are unsure of anything or have any queries, please feel free to get in touch by going to the menu and using the contact form.